Integrated promotion in Instagram
Integrated promotion in Facebook
One-page websites creation
Content development
Competitor analysis
Profile creation
Content plan creation
Graphic content creation
Targeted advertising
Creating a promotion strategy


We will promote your brand, product or any of your services as soon as possible, increasing audience loyalty and improving visibility.


SMM tools are blogging on social networks, information messages in various communities, communication in comments, working with forums, hidden marketing, direct advertising and viral marketing, monitoring positive and negative backgrounds, and optimizing the media space.

  • Turnkey page creation

  • Correction of maintenance errors 

  • Setting up tools for promotion

  • Identifying a unique selling proposition

  • Development of a promotion strategy

  • Content for rubrics

  • Social media ​pages maintaining

  • Attracting influencers / bloggers



Social media marketing involves the well-coordinated work of professionals. We work with highly efficient employees as a team. Each masterfully does his part to make the whole project a success.

  • Pictures processing

  • Organization of a  photo session

  • Shooting and editing video

  • Animated videos

  • Logo rendering

  • Brand book

  • Attracting influencers / bloggers



We run as advertising companies, checking every day and monitor the effectiveness, We find any target audiences, including those inaccessible directly through the interface of the advertising office.

  • Setting up Facebook Pixel

  • Campaign testing to determine KPI 

  • Development of advertising materials

  • Setting up conversions

  • Setting up retargeting

  • Scaling advertising campaigns

  • Retargeting




We have professional copywriters from various service sectors from technical to show business.

  • Writing unique posts for the targeting

  • SEO texts 


  • "About company"


  • Texts for Landing Page


  • Email distribution




SEO is a combination of analytical work with innovation monitoring, as well as work for results. Improve the web resource in order to increase the amount of time spent on it by the client, track changes in algorithms and adapt the site, and compile reports for clients.

  • Website optimisation

  • Google Analytics Expert

  • Search engine algorithms

  • Experience: Joomla, ModX, WordPress

  • Internal and external optimization

  • ADS lunch



Our team creates for you a professionally necessary and correct website, which will significantly improve and promote your service or brand.

  • Domain connecting

  • Analytics

  • Creating Web sites

  • Content

  • Creating animation

  • Design